Tips on Maintaining Hygiene for Your Kids

If there was one person who hates water more than my cat, it is my five-year-old nephew. Bath time for him equates a battle where there is a constant raging war of wills with my sister. He would happily remain dirty and messy rather than take a soak in the suds. As I looked at my sister, chasing him around the house for a bath, I wondered about the importance of teaching children good hygiene habits. After all, hygiene is not just about keeping up appearances. It is important that children learn good hygiene-related habits to keep themselves healthy and prevent illnesses from spreading.

Hygiene Basics for Kids

Essential Bath Time

It is surprising how babies who just love to splash around in water grow up into messy prepubescent boys with a complete dislike for even a ten-minute shower. Irrespective of that, you need to set up a routine for the child’s personal hygiene. You need to wash the face, neck, and bottom of infants throughout the day. Older children need to have a daily bath, especially in summer. For kids who have reached puberty and have to deal with persistent problems of body odor in arms