Monthly Archives: January 2017

How a Piggyback Ride for the Grandchildren Just About Wrecked My Back

Grandchildren love when Grandpa gives them piggyback rides. I never thought anything about it. A kid would jump on my back, and off we would go. Well, when the second grandchild was old enough to run around and jump on my back, I did not expect both of them to jump at the same time. It threw me off balance. I corrected to not fall with the kids, and I hurt my back. I was online in minutes looking for San Francisco chiropractors while smiling through the pain. I did not want the kids to be upset thinking they hurt me. Those two little girls mean the world to me, and they did not need to see their Pappy in pain.

I told my wife what happened, and that a chiropractor’s office said they could see me right away. I was having a good amount of pain. It has happened before to me on the job, and I have gotten a lot of relief from seeing a chiropractor. That is why I called them first. We had just moved here to be close to our grandchildren, and I had not established myself as a patient to a local chiropractor until now.

Had a Little Dirt Bike Accident

My buddies and I go out in the desert on the weekends about once a month. Of course we act like fools on occasion, but we do not act like idiots. A lot of the time you will see guys out there who are so drunk that they could not really operate a bar stool safely. We do not do any real drinking until we get done for the day. I had to go see a Phoenix chiropractor after we got back this time and it was my own fault for not realizing that these other guys were simply a menace to society. One of them simply ran me off of the trail trying to pass me. Of course I came out of it better than he did. They had to call an ambulance for him.