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How a Piggyback Ride for the Grandchildren Just About Wrecked My Back

Grandchildren love when Grandpa gives them piggyback rides. I never thought anything about it. A kid would jump on my back, and off we would go. Well, when the second grandchild was old enough to run around and jump on my back, I did not expect both of them to jump at the same time. It threw me off balance. I corrected to not fall with the kids, and I hurt my back. I was online in minutes looking for San Francisco chiropractors while smiling through the pain. I did not want the kids to be upset thinking they hurt me. Those two little girls mean the world to me, and they did not need to see their Pappy in pain.

I told my wife what happened, and that a chiropractor’s office said they could see me right away. I was having a good amount of pain. It has happened before to me on the job, and I have gotten a lot of relief from seeing a chiropractor. That is why I called them first. We had just moved here to be close to our grandchildren, and I had not established myself as a patient to a local chiropractor until now.

Had a Little Dirt Bike Accident

My buddies and I go out in the desert on the weekends about once a month. Of course we act like fools on occasion, but we do not act like idiots. A lot of the time you will see guys out there who are so drunk that they could not really operate a bar stool safely. We do not do any real drinking until we get done for the day. I had to go see a Phoenix chiropractor after we got back this time and it was my own fault for not realizing that these other guys were simply a menace to society. One of them simply ran me off of the trail trying to pass me. Of course I came out of it better than he did. They had to call an ambulance for him.

Tips on Maintaining Hygiene for Your Kids

If there was one person who hates water more than my cat, it is my five-year-old nephew. Bath time for him equates a battle where there is a constant raging war of wills with my sister. He would happily remain dirty and messy rather than take a soak in the suds. As I looked at my sister, chasing him around the house for a bath, I wondered about the importance of teaching children good hygiene habits. After all, hygiene is not just about keeping up appearances. It is important that children learn good hygiene-related habits to keep themselves healthy and prevent illnesses from spreading.

Hygiene Basics for Kids

Essential Bath Time

It is surprising how babies who just love to splash around in water grow up into messy prepubescent boys with a complete dislike for even a ten-minute shower. Irrespective of that, you need to set up a routine for the child’s personal hygiene. You need to wash the face, neck, and bottom of infants throughout the day. Older children need to have a daily bath, especially in summer. For kids who have reached puberty and have to deal with persistent problems of body odor in arms and their private parts, a daily shower is a must.
Wash hands

Did you know that washing hands is the best way to prevent the spread of illnesses? This is because the germs from an infected person can spread easily by hands. However, you need to teach kids proper hand washing techniques. The steps to proper hand washing include:

  • First wet the hands thoroughly with warm water
  • Use enough soap to create a good lather and rub the hands vigorously for 20 seconds
  • Wash both the palms and back of your hands to get rid of the dirt stuck in your nails
  • Rinse your hands and dry them with a towel

Make sure that the kids wash their hands before their meals, after coming from outdoor, or playing with pets. In cars and playgrounds, when there is no access to running water, wet wipes and hand sanitizers are a good away of keeping the hands clean. However, you may need to monitor the younger kids who might end up putting their hands in their mouth or rubbing their eyes before the sanitizer evaporates.

Nail Care

Keeping your kid’s nails trimmed and clean is essential for warding away those messy germs that hide under them. Scratching the skin with germ-infected nails can lead to skin infection and rashes.

Dental Care

Pediatric dentists recommend that by age of one, all the children should be screened by dentists. This is because an estimated twenty percent of children in the age group of three are already affected by tooth decay. Regular brushing is an essential part of the dental hygiene. Pre-teens should ideally be brushing three times a day to prevent bad breath and tooth decay. Kids who have just relished a sugary treat should brush within twenty minutes to avoid the risk of cavities. It is essential that you teach children under the age of ten to brush and floss their teeth properly. If your child is susceptible to cavities, use a fluoridated mouthwash to prevent tooth decay.

Hair Care
Although most parents go through all the trouble of establishing a skin cleansing routine, not much attention is paid to hair care. However, washing the hair daily is as essential as bathing. While washing your hair with a shampoo, massage well and rinse off with water. You can experiment with different shampoos to choose the best one for your kid. If your child has a scalp problem, then you can use medicated shampoos prescribed by the doctor.

Changing Clothes and Shoes

An important, often forgotten part of personal hygiene is changing clothes and shoes on a regular basis. Dirty clothes and shoes which contain dead skin cells and sweat can lead to a stinky odor and skin infection such as foot fungus.
Making a routine that aids in the maintenance of proper hygiene as well as teaching kids about hygiene is essential for keeping your child clean and healthy in the long run. Ingrain these habits in your child when he or she is young using reminders, positive reinforcements, and even by setting a good example yourself, and it most likely that your child will inculcate these habits for life.