How a Piggyback Ride for the Grandchildren Just About Wrecked My Back

Grandchildren love when Grandpa gives them piggyback rides. I never thought anything about it. A kid would jump on my back, and off we would go. Well, when the second grandchild was old enough to run around and jump on my back, I did not expect both of them to jump at the same time. It threw me off balance. I corrected to not fall with the kids, and I hurt my back. I was online in minutes looking for San Francisco chiropractors while smiling through the pain. I did not want the kids to be upset thinking they hurt me. Those two little girls mean the world to me, and they did not need to see their Pappy in pain.

I told my wife what happened, and that a chiropractor’s office said they could see me right away. I was having a good amount of pain. It has happened before to me on the job, and I have gotten a lot of relief from seeing a chiropractor. That is why I called them first. We had just moved here to be close to our grandchildren, and I had not established myself as a patient to a local chiropractor until now. This would be my first experience with San Francisco chiropractors.

I was impressed with the office and how it was run. I did not have to wait. They got to me right away. I explained what had happened and how I have been through this pain a few times before. However, the cause before was my job and not two little kids jumping on my back. After an exam, the chiropractor adjusted my back. That gave me an instantaneous feeling of relief. I knew how it worked. I just needed that residual nerve irritation to now wear off. A couple more adjustments over the next few days got me feeling good enough to give piggyback rides again.